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community rail partnerhips and the asscociation of community rail partnerships

Community Rail

Community Rail in the United Kingdom is the support of railway lines and stations by local organisations, usually through Community Rail Partnerships (CRPs) comprising railway operators, local councils, and other community organisations, and rail user groups (RUGs). Community railways are managed to fit local circumstances recognising the need to increase revenue, reduce costs, increase community involvement and support social and economic development.

The Association of Community Rail Partnerships (ACoRP) supports its fifty or so member CRPs and also offers assistance to voluntary station friends groups that support their local stations through the station adoption scheme. Since 2005 the Department of Transport has formally designated a number of railway lines as community rail schemes in order to recognise the need for different, more appropriate standards than are applied to main line railway routes, and therefore make them more cost effective.

Asssociation of Community Rail Partnerships (ACoRP)

Association of Community Rail Partnerships

The Association of Community Rail Partnerships is funded by the Department for Transport as an umbrella group to support CRPs and station friends groups. The association shares ideas and best practice among its members through various channels including conferences and seminars and a quarterly magazine Train Times, also a monthly electronic newsletter. An annual Community Rail Awards event is held each autumn on a different community railway around the country each year.

ACoRP website is as follows -: http://acorp.uk.com/

There are more than fifty CRPs most supporting just one line but some, such as the Devon and Cornwall Rail Partnership encompass several nearby routes.  The Heart of Wessex line covers the one route from Bristol Temple Meads to Weymouth, and the TransWilts Community Rail Partnership covers the line from Swindon to Salisbury.  The Severnside Community Rail Partnership covers the area from Gloucester to Taunton and Bath Spa to Pilning and the areas in between.

Severnside Community Rail Partnership website -: http://www.severnside-rail.org.uk/

TransWilts Community Rail Partnerhsip website-: http://www.twcrp.org.uk/

Heart of Wessex Community Rail Partnership website - http://www.heartofwessex.org.uk/

Severnside Community Rail Partnership
TransWilts Community Rail Partnership
Heart of Wessex Rail Partnership

rail users groups (RUG)

Rail Users Groups  (RUG)

Rail User Groups campaign for improvements to services in their particular area. Railfuture provides a forum in which they can exchange ideas and experiences, coordinate rail development priorities, and contribute to the argument for a better rail service nationally.  The two groups mentioned below are Rail Users Groups and are open to membership from concerned locals and residents and organisations

Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways - (FOSBR) website  -: http://www.fosbr.org.uk/

West Wiltshire Users Rail Group (WWRUG) website -:  http://www.wwrug.org.uk/

The Friends of Bruton and Castle Cary website -: http://www.brutoncarytrains.co.uk/

Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways (FOSBR)
West Wiltshire Rail Users Group (WWRUG)

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