2019 walks programme is out now


If  you have  anny queries about any of the walks, please either contact the leader direct or the  walks coordinator on 0117 933 4998


Should you require hard copy, then please call the walks coordinator on the number above

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Want discounted travel?

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includes all rail cards and the discount scheme between Westbury and Weymouth


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The Mini Guide - Useful information about some items below - Bus Passes, Railcards, Group Save, Plus Bus etc

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Q - When does your season run from?

A - from mid-May to mid-October each year


Q - Why is the season so limited?

A - We run walks with what is hopefully the better weather, but we are limited to other resources such as leaders, their availability and various other organisational things.  Plus the timings of the train in the winter between Westbury and Weymouth are not condusive to running walks and also a limited or non existent Sunday service from early September to mid-May each year)  NB - the Sunday service is to be extended from Easter 2016 to October 2016 from March 2016


Q - When is the next years programme ready?

A - The programme is worked on over the winter months - from November to March each year, when the walks coordiantor organises the leaders, dates, proof reading, printing and distribution.  It is anticipated that the programme could be on the website by the end of March


Q - How can I get a hard copy programme for the following season?

A - The programmes will hopefully be available through many channels, which include, TICs, some stations, Ramblers groups (if you are a member of a Ramblers' group that helps us and kindly distributes the programme on our behalf) - or by sending a SAE to the Walks Coordiantor that is on the current programme - a SAE helps to keep the costs down.  Of course you can print it off from the website.


If there are any changes to this then this will be highlighted on the website


Q - Am I able to bring my dog?

A - Sorry only Registered Assisted Dogs are allowed on walks.


Q - Can leaders advise on the weather forecast?

A - Our leaders will turn out for the walk rain or shine, and they will have listened to a weather forecast but they can not advise on a weather forecast.  It is advisable, if you are unsure to check a weather forecast yoruself, and there are many ways of doing this, via the local radio and the stations, television (through Countryfile, for example), papers and of course the internet, and whilst there are many options, the following suggestion could be used (but please  note there are as many choices as lines of advise given and you may have your preferred choic) too.  See http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/  and this will allow you to change to your preferred location.


Q - What do I need to bring?

A - Bring food, drink and waterproofs and wear strong boots or shoes.


Q - Do I need to bring food?

A - Please bring food and drink as we do not normally have a pub or cafe stop at lunchtime.  As we are walking in the countryside, facilities are not always available.


Q - Do I need to bring drink?

A - Yes - please carry plenty of fluid, at least 1 to 2 litres is recommended - as with food,  a pub or cafe stop is not guaranteed or factored into the day.  We go to some remote and isolated places, so facilities are not as available as they are in many cities or towns.


Q - Do you stop for a pub lunch?

A - If a pub is passed, there is not normally time to be able to buy a cooked meal.  If there is sufficient time to buy a drink this may be an option, but as previously said it is best to be self-sufficient in terms of food and drink.


If there is the option of having a meal at a pub/cafe, this will be indicated on the programme.


NB - please do not consume your own food on pub or cafe premises, especially where they already serve food - the leader will suggest a place to eat your own sandwiches etc before going into the pub/cafe for a drink.


It may be possible to buy a drink at the end of the walk and catch up with your fellow walkers before getting the train back home in the various directions.


Q - Will there be anywhere to buy food or drink during the day?

A - This can not be guaranteed, so please be self-sufficient and bring food and drink with you.


Q - Are there toilets on the walks?

A - Facilities are not always available - but a leader will advise if any toilet facilities are available, but in the countryside there are normally plenty of hedges to find some privacy, but do not forget to tell someone if you do this, to ensure that people look out if there are any sudden turnings, and to account for everyone.  Some leaders will  use the expression "gentlemen forward", which will be explained if needed. 


Please do not use pub or cafe premises for toilets unless you are buying a drink there (not really good practice).  If you travel by train then there will be facilities on the train.


Q - Is there any advantage to buying my tickets in advance?

A - No  (not as far as I am aware) - Tickets currently for this line are not any cheaper if purchased in advance, and the only real advantage of buying them a couple of days in beforehand, is to save time at bigger stations where the tickets office can be busy at peak times and tickets are required to get though the ticket barriers such as Bristol Temple Meads or Bath Spa.  The ticket office at Bristol Temple Meads can be very busy at peak times.  There are several ticket machines at Bristol Temple Meads (inside and outside the station) and Bath Spa stations.  If using either of these stations please allow an extra 10 - 15 minutes to buy tickets on the day.


Q - Is it necessary to buy a ticket before I travel?

A - In principle, you should not travel WITHOUT a ticket, but not all the stations are manned or have ticket machines, and if this is the case, you should be able to buy a ticket off the train manager who should go up and down the train checking tickets at various stages throughout the journey.  If there is a ticket machine available at the unmanned station which is NOT working when you arrive, please tell the train manager (and also report it via the Great Western Railway website - via e-mail or phone)


The  leaflet from  Great Western Railway  describes the situation about buying tickets before you board and avoiding penalty fares and prosecutions.  This is under the passenger charter section of the website at http://www.wessexrailwaywalks.org.uk/general-travel-details/great-western-railway-details/


Q - Can I buy group saves at a ticket machine?

A - NO - it is not currenlty possible to buy group save tickets at a ticket machine, so if you are a group either buy these at the ticket office OR at an unmanned station, buy the tickets from the train manager on the train and please remember to ask for the group save offer.


Q - What are group save tickets?

A - This is where a group of 3 to 9 indviduals can travel together on Off Peak Day Returns on Group Saves.  The other condition is that you must all travel together on the same trains., with a discount of a 1/3 off - no need to book and buy the tickets from the station or on the train via the train manager


NB This new system came into operation on Sunday 18th May 2014 - details will be updated as soon as these are available.  Please follow this link or updates http://www.wessexrailwaywalks.org.uk/frequently-asked-questions/rail-cards-discounts/ 


Generally, Please note that from Sunday 18 May 2014, the Groupsave offer will change and will allow 3-9 people to travel, with a discount of 34% on the adult fare and thus the major change will allow flexibility and the difference will be that 3 people travelling in a group will get a 34 % off each.  Then for each subsequent group member, they too will receive 34% off.  Groupsave will be on offer for groups of 3 to 9 people.


The group size can be anything from 3 to 9 and you do not need 9 people to qualify for the discount, as it can be 3 or 4 or 5 and so on.


More details to follow when known. 


Q - Do Group saves have to be booked in advance?

A - No - just turn up at the station and board the train - this is available on all other routes but it is advisable to check first.  They can not be bought currently through a ticket machine.  Buy them at the ticket office or on the train at an unmanned station. 


Dispite recent changes from Sunday 18th May 2014, it is understood that the Groupsave tickets can still be bought on the day.  Occasionally there may be days and dates when Groupsave tickets are not available - such as events like football and rugby matches, (especially cup finals) and also Castle Cary when the Glastonbury weekend is on etc- these dates will be given on the apprprpriate Train Operating Company's website


Q - What is a Day Ranger Ticket?

A - Unlimited off-peak travel for one day using this Bristol to Weymouth line and allows you to get on and off at various points and the cost is £19 in 2013 and for further information please use this link - http://railrover.org/pages/heart-of-wessex-day-ranger.html  - includes conditions of use and purchase and is available and can be used with a rail card.


Q - When are off-peak day returns available?

A -  This is for guidance purposes only and things can and do change. 


Discounts with rail cards such as Young Persons, Seniors, Disabled etc, are applicable on all journeys, irregardless of ticket type, but some do have special conditions.


From the Bristol direction, off-peak travel is available from 09.30 hours Monday to Friday, all Public Holidays and over the weekends there are no restrictions.

NB There is an anomoly that if you are getting the 08.41 from Bristol Temple Meads during the week and the journey is to Bruton and beyond (ie the rest of the line to Weymouth) an off-peak return is available.  This is often not known about and you may have to stand your case aand bearing in mind that it can be very busy between Bristol Temple Meads and Bath Spa on a weekday and then two carriages may be taken off at Westbury - you will normally be advised to travel in the front two coaches should you wish to go further than Westbury on a weekday.


From the Weymouth direction off peak travel is available Mondays to Fridays from the 08.53 up to Bristol Temple Meads, all over the weekends and public holidays.


Q - Are there any discounts for train travel?

A - If you have a rail card (Young Person, Seniors, Family, Disabled, Two travel together etc) then the usual discount will apply.

If you wish to look to see if you qualify for a discounted card mentioned, please look at the following website - http://www.railcard.co.uk/


Group discounts are available for groups of 3 to 9  - the condition is that you must all travel on the same train(s) at all times.  No need to book and this is available on OFF peak singles and returns.  If a station is unmanned, then you will be unable to buy this from a ticket machine (if one is at the station), so please get on the train and ask the train manager/guard/conductor for a group save ticket. The discount is 34% off for all travellors in the group and this is done to bring in line with all the various discount cards that are available.


Group save travel may not be available at all times (eg when a football or rugby match is on or other spcial events) It will be necessary to 


This scheme is due to change on Sunday 18th May 2014 to the following -:


Please note that with effect from the above date, the Groupsave offer will change and will allow 3-9 people to travel, with a discount of 34% on the adult fare and thus the major change will allow flexibility and the difference will be that 3 people travelling in a group will get a 34 % off each.  Then for each subsequent group member, they too will receive 34% off.  Groupsave will be on offer for groups of 3 to 9 people.


The group size can be anything from 3 to 9 and you do not need 9 people to qualify for the discount, as it can be 3 or 4 or 5 and so on.  It will be necessary to check on the relevant operators website to see if tehre are any restrictions.


More details to follow when known and links will be put where appropriate. 


Q -  What is the bus pass discount scheme?


NB Availability between Westbury and Weymouth ONLY


A - Bus pass discount scheme -  This is currently in place until further notice.


Please be aware of any restrictions before buying the ticket, and please have your Concessionary Bus Pass  ready to show the ticket office at the station or train manager on the train.  Staff should be aware of the Bus Pass trail, but there may be exceptions, and if this is the case, please indicate to them that this is available between Westbury and Weymouth only and is equivalent to using a discounted railcard ie 34% and is available after 09.30 am weekdays and all over weekends and public holidays.


Please note that this does not allow free travel on the trains as you would if you were presenting it on a bus, it is in lieu of a railcard (which incurs a cost) but has the same advantages of a railcard of 1/3 discount of a train fare.


If you have a concessionary/universal bus pass then this  can be used between Weymouth and Westbury only.  This is used in lieu of any railcard.  A railcard will incur a charge when they are purchased


This gives equivalent to using a railcard with a 1/3 off BUT without having to buy a discounted railcard (not free travel as you would have as with travelling on the bus) - see general travel information section for further details.


The leaflet that is availabe is shown on the section about the scheme at  http://www.wessexrailwaywalks.org.uk/frequently-asked-questions/rail-cards-discounts/


Posters will be dsiplayed at Westbury, Frome, Castle Cary and Yeovil Pen Mill.


This scheme is also available between Swindon and Worcester Foregate Streed via Stroud - with the same restricitions.


Availability/restrictions  - It is only available from 09.30 on weekdays, all over the weekends and public holidays, therefore it can NOT be used on the 08.53 from Weymouth until it reaches Thornford (which is a request stop and the scheduled departure time is 09.31) - this has not been tested but this should be valid.   Discounted journeys must start witin these times on the leaflet shown.


The card can be used on the 08.41 from Bristol Temple Meads from Westbury when it is due to depart at 09.32


The times have been taken from the timetable that covers the period from Sunday 8th December 2013 until Saturday 17th May 2014


Q - What is Plus Bus?

A - This is a pass that you can buy at the same time as your ticket covering all your bus journeys for that day.  Currently available on the Heart of Wessex Line for Bristol, Bath, Yeovil and Weymouth.  For the area covered in each case see www.plusbus.info  A very convenient way to sort out your day's travelling  in one simple transaction, and should save you money if you are making more than one journey.  You get a third off the Plus Bus with a railcard, too. (This is useful if you have a senior rail card at 60 but are not eleigible for a Universal Bus Pass)


Q - Is a Plus Bus useful for the walks?

A - Yes especially if a walk uses the buses and this will be indicated on each walk, or you use the bus to get to and from the station. Please note that is not always available for all walks and will generally be just around the town.  Any questions of whether is is available or not, is on their website of www.busplus.info  If in doubt please ask the walks leader or the walks coordiantor before purchasing your ticket. 


General Information regarding Plus Bus

Use the website above for further details and from the Escape magazine  (issued by First Great Western) issue number 12 page 46.  The Plus Bus website is www.plusbus.info


Plus Bus is a ticket that can be added to most types of train ticket.  Plus Bus gives you unlimited bus travel around town at the start, finish or at both ends of your train journey.  Together with your train ticket, it's a great way to get directly to your chosen destination.


Q - What is the advantage of a PLUS BUS?

A - This will save you having to pay twice and also is useful if you do not have a Universal Bus Pass.  Senior Rail cards are available at the age of 60 BUT to get a Universal Bus Pass for most this is not necessarily at the same age.  If you have a railcard and use Plus Bus then you will get a discount on the bus ticket too. (A real bargain.)


Q - Are there further details on any websites regarding PLUSBUS?

A -  Outside website is www.plusbus.info OR there is a separate page on our website which is


Q - I am not a member of the Ramblers, does this matter?

A - Non-members are welcome to join the walks, but after a couple of walks will be encouraged to join the Ramblers.


Q - Do I neeed to book?

A - No - you can just turn up - but if you have any questions you can always ring the leader (number found on the programme) or contact the walks coordinator.  Since 2013, Wessex Railway Walks have started to guides (such as Arnos Vale (may 2013 and October 2014) and Frome (May 2014) - this has been done to add variety - booking is advisable to ensure that the correct number of guides are booked in advance


Q - What is your average party size?

A - This can vary immensley but most walks there are on average around 12 - 15 people.


Q  - Do I need to bring any money with me?

A  - Please bring money for train fares, bus journeys, and for any other incidentals, such as ice-creams or cups of tea at the end of the day.


Q - How do I join a walk?

A - Meet at the station indicated on the programme.


Q - Which station do I buy my ticket to for a linear walk?

A - You  buy a ticket to the station furthest from your  start of travel - see map on programme  or the website

NB - it is possible to buy a return ticket and then alight at the appropriate station  and get on at a station that is not  indicated on the ticket as long as it is on the route



Q - Do the train times on the programme ever change?

A  - Train times on the programme are indicative only, and may vary by several minutes.  Please check the latest timetables or call National Rail Enquiries on 03457 48 49 50 or keep an eye on our website for any significiant changes to trains times in the programme, in our UPDATES section.


Q - Can the leaders advise on car parking?

A - Many of our leaders travel by train to get to the start of the walk (or other methods of public transport) so will not necessarily know about the car parking.  If you are arriving by car it is your responsibility to ensure that you allow time to park the car and arrive ready to start the walk at the later of the 2 train times.


Several stations have their own car parks and there will normally be a charge for this - again our leaders can not advise on the cost of parking.  If you know the town concerned there may be limited off street parking but once again the leaders can not advise on this.


Some station car parks are currently free or have very limited car parking.


As things are constantly changing and the car parks, stations and trains are all operated by different companies it is not possible to know what is the true cost and availability


Q - If I am paying for car parking charges, how much money should I put on?

 A - The time allowed should be from arrival to the earliest of the train arrivals, if there is not any times for the direction you are going in because of the note "BTM - frequent train times" then please use the time on the programme - it can not be guarenteed what time the walk will finish as there are several factors such as the size of the party, distance and number of stiles etc - that it is difficult to judge - hence the reason why you should use the programme as a guide.  It is hoped that there will be plenty of time to have a drink at the end of the day but this is not guarenteed


Q - If I arrive by any other means than the train, what time must I get there?

A - Please arrive and ready to walk by the arrival of the later of the two trains. Please also be ready to start the walk on the arrival of the later 2 trains, with walking boots on etc. 


Q - Why are there two train arrival times on some walks? And what times does the walk start then?

A - This is when we await the arrival of the train from both the Bristol & Weymouth directions - the walk will start on the arrival of the later train.


Q - Why do you use the term BU (Bus Used) on some walks?

A - This is used to add variety to the programme, to be able to get to the start or end of the walk from the station, say for walks on Portland or to be able to do shorter lengths of walks. 


If you do not have any access to a bus pass then it will be appropriate to pay the stated fare.  In this instance, the leader will advise you on where the bus will be caught, bus number and ticket that you need to purchase.


If you are eligable for a Universal Bus Pass then please bring this with you. 


Bus Plus is available on some walks but see website or contact the walks leader to see if the Bus Plus is available (www.plusbus.info) This can be obtained at the time of purchase of the train ticket.  This is useful if you do not have a bus pass.


Q - What is meant by the term SO?

A - SO stands for shorter options - this is used to be able to attact walkers of different abilities, and an opt out place will be either train station on the route or a bus stop.  A leader will tell you where the bus or train goes from, they can NOT guarantee to get you there for a specific train.  There is no guarantee that there will be somewhere for you to buy a drink whilst waiting.


Q - What do people do whilst waiting for the later train to arrive?

A - Wait at the station and talk to fellow walkers OR in some places there may be a local church or interesting place to visit.


Q - Why are there two departure trains on some walks?  And what time does the walk actually finish?

A - Again this will show the train times for going back to Bristol Temple Meads and Weymouth and the walk will finish on the earlier of the two train times.


Q - What do the others do when waiting for the later departure train?

A - If time allows and there is a pub or cafe open then it will be possible to buy a drink and chat to fellow walkers.


Q - Why is there some times a long wait of say an hour?

A - This is beyond our control and is generally where the services are not as frequent, but there may be problems of limited passing places or single track or drivers having to obtain a token.  The timetables are operated by the train company and if you feel that the waits are too long, please feel free to contact the train company direct


Q - Where can I check the train times?

A - yes Please ring National Rail Enquiries on 03457 48 49 50 (24 hours)  or via the following websites www.gwr.com  or www.nationalrail.co.uk  - our walks are planned between November and january each year and are correct at the time of going to press, but there may some changes beyond our control.  Please check train times if you are using an onward conncetion say at Bristol Temple Meads


Q - Do I need to check train times?

A - It is important to check train times, as the programme is indicative only and may vary by several minutes.  It is important to check train times if you have inbound/outbound connections to/from home to the start point. The programme is produced sevreal months in advance but it is normally accurate at the time of production.


Q - What is meant by the term "Return trains : to BTM  frequent service" for a return journey at some stations?

A - Stations at Westbury, Trowbridge, Bradford-on-Avon, and Bath Spa towards Bristol Temple Meads (BTM) are served by other services such as the Portsmouth Harbour to Cardiff Central trains, Warminster or Westbury to Bristol Temple Meads or Gloucester or Great Malvern trains and therefore it is a more regular service.


If you are using the stops at Avoncliff, Freshford, Oldfield Park and Keynsham, please be aware that not all services stop at these stations.  For going home please check for times at around the time of the Weymouth return trip.

Q -  On the programme, for some walks there is only one arrival or departure time, why is this?

A - This is used for walks that start at the extreme end of the line such as Bristol Temple Meads and Weymouth and therefore as there is only one train that is suitable to be used and then it is not approriate to give any other options. 


There will be an exception to this such as  Filton Abbbey Wood or Sea Mills (on the Severn Beach line) where there is the necessity to change trains at Bristol Temple Meads because the trains are not direct. 


If you are not using the service that is mentioned on the programme then it is important to get there by the time indicated on the programme and ready for walking. 


Q - Do you follow the railway line?

A - NO - our leaders find interesting and varied routes through towns and villages, using paths, lanes and the surrouding countryside.


Q- What is meant by W bus or train from certain stations? (for outward or return trains)

A - At Dorchester West and Upwey stations  rather than give a specific train or bus times it is well acknowledged that these stations are well served by buses (generally First Bus) who stop closeby or by South West trains.


If this is the case please allow time to get to Dorchester West (from Dorchester South) or the end of the road for Upwey.


South West trains operated a 1/2 hourly service to Dorchester South and  hourly during the week Upwey and hourly to both  on Sunday and along the coast to Poole, Bournemouth and Southampton - please allow a 5 to 10 minute walk from Dorchester South to Dorchester West and this is well signposted


South West trains open up our walks to people along that coast to Dorchester, Upwey and Weymouth


Q - Are walks ever cancelled?

A - Where possible a walk is not usually cancelled, unless there are unforeseen circumstances beyond the leaders control - to my knowledge this has never happened (yet!!) - editor. 


A leader will have a back-up plan incase of ill-ness etc, or even with engineering works that may stop a leader going to their walk at short notice.


Q - What happens if the train is late?

A - The walk will not start until the trains have arrived.  If there is a co-leader there, they may well start with those who have arrived, especially if it looks like a long delay and then when the late train has arrived the route for those may be shortened or not have a coffee break to allow the walk to be completed and to hopefully catch up with the rest of the party.


Q - I am coming by train or bus from a different direction to that advertised in the programme, what time must I get there by?

A - This is OK but it is essential that you arrive by the time of the later of the 2 train times in the programme and be ready for walking.


Q - Do you walk in all weathers?

A -  Yes we walk in rain and shine, and with the great British Climate, you can have 4 seasons  in one day so you need to be well prepared, with everything from sunscreen to waterproofs.


Q - Do I have to travel by train? 

A - This is entirely optional, as you may find it easier in some areas to get the bus to the start of the walk, or live close to the station to be able to walk there.  If you come by any other means than the trains advertised in the programme, please arrive by the time of the later of the 2 trains AND be ready to walk.  A leader will await for a late train but not for anyone arriving independently.


Q - Are your leaders paid?

A - No, all of our leaders are volunteer members of the Ramblers' Association of the 4 areas that cover the railway line between Bristol Temple Meads and Weymouth (ie Avon, Somerset, Dorset & Wiltshire).


Q - When is the programme for the following season published?

A - Hopefully it is published by the end of March at the latest.  It will be on our website of http://www.wessexrailwaywalks.org.uk/programme/


Q - Can anyone report a footpath problem?

A - Yes, please see Ramblers details section of the website for further information.


Q - Do you adhere to the advertised route on the programme?

A - Normally yes, but a leader may find it necessary to change the route due to unforessen circumstances, which are far too numerous to mention.  A leader will normally have done a "recce" to ensure that the advertised route can be done.


Q - What is the terrain like?

A - The terrain is varied from walking along beside the river, canal or over fields.  There will be some hills and some of the train stations are in the valleys so there will be some ups and downs to be able to get good views.  If you are concenred about the hills, please contact the leader.


The figures of the men usually indicate the speed, terrain etc but as with all things there is a wide variation on a theme, and what is fast to one is slow to another and then what is a hilly walk is flat to other.  Do not let the hills put you off.


The leaders will have found a good route, suitable stops and catch up points.


Q - How should you leave a gate?

A - Always leave a gate as you found it - ie if it is open then leave it open, if you are at the back of the party, a back marker will normally have been nominated or failing that a message will have been left.


Q - Do you ever walks on roads?

A - Leaders try to avoid this where possible, but there are times when we are required to walk on roads, these can vary from quiet country lanes to crossing busy main roads - a leader will advice on which side of the road to walk, and please be aware at all times and DO NOT assume the person in front is correct.  Walkers provide an easy target for car drivers who are not expecting a group of walkers. 


Some towns and cities there will be more road walking to get to the start of the walk, because of where the station is located in relation to the start of the walk - these can inculde Bristol Temple Meads,  Bath Spa, Westbury, Yeovil, Dorchester,and these are examples only.

Q - Are there any age restrictions?

A - No - walking is open to all ages and we welcome everyone and walking breaks down any barriers, and if you enjoy walking with us and eventually join the Ramblers', some areas have groups targetted as specific age groups, but please refer to the different areas on the Ramblers contacts section for further details.  A reasonably good health is recommended and if in doubt please ask the leader.


Q - Do you have a route map of the train line?

A - Yes a route map is available on this website - it is important to look at this especially if the walk is a linear walk, as you will be required to buy a ticket to the station that is the furthest away from your starting point.  The route map (or line) is always put on our printed programme and is available through the website or various other places.


Q - How do I recognise the leaders?

A - Our leaders from the 2014 season will be issued with badges as indicated below - this will endeavour to help new comers identify leaders where there will be a group of people.  On arrrival of the later train the leader will introduce themsleves and welcome everybody and give a general description of where the walk is going.


Q - How do I recognise fellow walkers?

A - normally most of our walkes will be instantly recognisable by a rucksac and walking boots, but this can be difficult on a busy train and walking is also a popular activity.  It is suggested that it will become more obvious at the station where the walk starts from once people assemble for the arrival of the later train.  Also it is quite common to see people with rucksacs as a part of normal everyday life.


Q - Is it possible to eat before coming home - especially if the joruney is a long way and you are at the extreme end of the line?

A - Yes it is - in 2014, with the introduction of the 18.30 train back from Weymouth to Bristol Temple Meads on a summer Saturday only, some have been using the opportunity to have a meal before coming home.


This has not necessarily been at the instigation of the leader organising the walk, but organised by the people going beforehand - if this service is introduced in 2015 then it is likley that it may be added as before and a note put on the updates to indicate this.


At other stations and walks people are more than welcome to stay for a meal but this is often done independently and for example it may mean on a Sunday instead of catching the 17.56 from Weymouth that the 20.15 is caught, and on weekdays the 20.20 (times may vary by a few minutes)


Park in Dorchester, Dorset - credit Ann Light
The badges issued to leaders from the 2014 season

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