2018 walks programme is out now


If  you have  anny queries about any of the walks, please either contact the leader direct or the  walks coordinator on 0117 933 4998


Should you require hard copy, then please call the walks coordinator on the number above


On -: Saturday 12th Janaury 2019


At -:Bradford on Avon (Wiltshire)


Venue The Swan Hotel (The hotel is a short walk from the railway station)



Bookings have now been closed




Important notice

Saturday 6th October 2018

 Bristol Parkway station is closed on the above date - please see message on the programme section - either sue the heading above or use the link to direct you to the appropriate section





Plans are for those between Westbury & Bristol Temple Meads -


For those between Weymouth & Westbury please contact the walks coordiantor on 07985 472844


Currently no other festival dates are known



Want discounted travel?

Please see the following section regarding this


includes all rail cards and the discount scheme between Westbury and Weymouth


OR Plus Bus details can be found on


PLUS BUS information

In various pages of the website, it is talked about Plus Bus - in certain areas you can have this added to the train ticket at the time of purchase, and this covers Bristol, Bath, Yeovil and Weymouth (including Portland)


The website is www.plusbus.info/


Attached is 4 maps showing the areas that are covered and please note not all walks that we operate are covered by Plus Bus, so either a Universal Bus Pass can be used or the additonal bus fare will have to be paid on the ay.


If this information is available prior to the walk then an endeavour will be found to find the cost of any bus fares for those who have to pay it. 


When using Plus Bus, if you do not have a Universal Bus Pass but have a discounted rail card (ie Seniors, Disabled, Young Persons etc) a discount is also available with card on the purchase of a Plus Bus.


The 4 map areas on below

Bristol Plus Bus Area
Adobe Acrobat document [56.0 KB]
Bath Plus Bus Area
Bath Spa.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [52.2 KB]
Yeovil Plus Bus Area
Adobe Acrobat document [42.0 KB]
Weymouth Plus Bus Area (includes Portland)
Weymouth (includes Portland).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [46.1 KB]
Sample Bus Plus ticket



Q - What is PLUSBUS ?


A Simply, it is a bus pass that you buy with your train ticket.  It gives you unlimited bus and tram travel (on participating operators' services) around the whole urban area of the rail served-town.


You can have a PLUSBUS ticket to start your journey (to get to the station) and / or to complete your journey (from station to the final destination).


Q - When can I use it?


A -PLUSBUS ticket is valid all day from first bus to mid-night.  Buy a single, day retrun or period retrun train ticket and you can buy daily PLUSBUS tickets.  Commuters can buy a weekly, monthly or an annual PLUSBUS season with their rail season ticket.


Q - Where can I use it?


A - A PLUSBUS ticket gives you the freedon of the urban bus network by participating operators. Check the user-friendly online travel maps and journey planner at -: http://www.plusbus.info/


For PLUSBUS details for a specific town, simply add "/townname" to the website address e.g


1) http://www.plusbus.info/bristol-tm  For the Bristol area


2) http://www.plusbus.info/bath For the Bath area


3) http://www.plusbus.info/yeovil for the Yeovil area


4) http://www.plusbus.info/weymouth for the Weymouth and Portland areas


(this is just for the area of our line and walks but please be aware that there are many other areas that are covered with the Bus Plus scheme)


Q - Why bother?


A - PLUSBUS can save you time, money and is just so convenient. You do not need to worry about change for the bus fares, or car parking fees.  It is a win-win situation.


Q - Where can I buy the PLUSBUS?


A - Ask for PLUSBUS when buying your train ticket at any rail station (if there is a ticket office please ensure to use this) or when buying online from the various websites.


Q - Are there any discounts?


A - Yes - if you have got any of the following railcards then you get 33% off the price of a PLUSBUS day tickets.  (ie 16 - 25 Railcard, Disabled Persons Railcard, Family and Friends Railcard, H M Forces Railcard, Seniors Railcard and Two Together Railcard)


Children (under 16 years old) pay half the adult PLUSBUS fare for day tickets.


Q - Is there a website for any updates or changes?


A Yes - go to    http://www.plusbus.info/ and this will give details of all places where PLUSBUS is available

Another Bus Plus ticket sample

Plus Bus Leaflet

Attached is a Plus Bus Leaflet, whihc was availabe from a main line station in Bristol and is for reference only, further updates are available from www.plusbus.info/ - with all railcards a 1/3 discount can be obtained when purchasing your tickets , with all rail cards mentioend and can be used for PlusBus.

PlusBus - adds urban bus travel to your train ticket
Correct at the time of going to press - Sunday 15th May 2016 to Saturday 3rd September 2016 - review September 2016
South West & South Wales area - the area that our walks are covered - mainly Bristol, Bath, Yeovil and Weymouth/Portland area (06/2016)
PLUSBUS Lft SW May 2016.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [350.4 KB]

List of prices in other areas of the united kingdom

PlusBus is available just one for one day, or weekly, monthly and annual tickets can be bought, this is useful if you have to combine train and bus travel on a regular basis


The one used for Wessex Walks (with the places of Bristol, Bath, Yeovil and Weymouth) is the one above but PlusBus is available all over the United Kingdon (ie England, Scotland and Wales).  So if your are going on holiday or a day trip in any other area then you can use PlusBus

PlusBus - adds urban bus travel to your train ticket
Correct at the time of going to press - Sunday 15th May 2016 to Saturday 3rd September 2016 - review 3rd September 2016 (06/2016)
Midlands and North Wales
PLUSBUS lft Midlands May 16.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [350.3 KB]
PlusBus - adds urban bus travel to your train ticket
Correct at the time of going to press - Sunday 15th May 2016 to Saturday 3rd September 2016 review 3rd September 2016
North of England and Scotland (06/2016)
PLUSBUS Lft North May 16.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [351.1 KB]
PlusBus - adds urban bus travel to your train ticket
Correct at time of going to press - Sunday 15th May 2016 to Saturday 3rd September 2016 - review 3rd September 2016 (06/2016)
PLUSBUS Lft SE May 16.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [354.0 KB]
Always keep a Bus Plus ticket for safe keeping!!

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