2019 walks programme is out now


If  you have  anny queries about any of the walks, please either contact the leader direct or the  walks coordinator on 0117 933 4998


Should you require hard copy, then please call the walks coordinator on the number above

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Want discounted travel?

Please see the following section regarding this


includes all rail cards and the discount scheme between Westbury and Weymouth


OR Plus Bus details can be found on


Yeovil Pen Mill station

No need to book, buy a day return to the relevant station.


Starting point -: Walks start at the arrival station indicated on each walk.


Linear Walks -: Buy a ticket to the station that is furthest from your departure station.


Discounts -: These are available if you have a Senior, Young Persons, Two Travel  Together, HM Forces, Family or Disabled Rail card or by using the English National Concessionary Bus Pass scheme between Weymouht/Westbury/Weymouth - details further on


Group Travel -:  Groups of 3 (three)  to 9 (nine) individuals can travel together and all get one-thrid off the cost of Off-Peak Day returns or Off-Peak Singles.  The condition is that you must all travel together on the same trains, from the start to finish.


On occassions a Day Ranger ticket may be more economical for a longer journey.


Costings -: Please check the National Rail Enquires, various websites for  Great Western Railway, The Train Line, National Rail (and any others) for costings.  These are not put on out website as they are far too numerous to mention and fares are normally revised in January of each year.


Bus Passes -: If you have one of these, please carry it at all times, as buses are used to get to the start of the walk or to make it linear or even may be shortened.


Journeys between Westbury and Weymouth with a bus pass


Use your bus pass for a discount on the train


This is currently available further notice - see leaflet at http://www.wessexrailwaywalks.org.uk/frequently-asked-questions/rail-cards-discounts/


If you currently have a Concessionary or Universal Bus Pass, this  can be used for the following TRAIN journey between Westbury and Weymouth only. 


It is important to state that this DOES not entitle the card holder to free travel as you would if you when travelling on a bus and conditions do apply.


Posters will be up at the following stations -: Westbury (Wiltshire), Frome, Castle Cary and Yeovil Pen Mill stations


It is only available from 09.30 on weekdays, all over the weekends and public holidays, therefore it can NOT be used on the 08.53 from Weymouth until it reaches Thornford (which is a request stop and the scheduled departure time is 09.31).  I believe this to be valid and should be checked before travelling. Editor


The card can be used on the 08.41 from Bristol Temple Meads from Westbury when it is due to depart at 09.32


The times have been taken from the timetable that covers the period from Sunday 8th December 2013 until Saturday 17th May 2014.


The copy of the leaflet can be found at http://www.wessexrailwaywalks.org.uk/frequently-asked-questions/rail-cards-discounts/


Request stops -: Stations at Thornford, Yetminster and Chetnole  are request stops - Please advise the conductor on the train that you wish to alight at a request stop.  When joining at request stops, please signal clearly to the driver to stop the train.


Short platforms -: Stations at Freshford, Avoncliff, Thornford, Yetminster and Chetnole, are and do have short platforms for trains over a certain length, and if you are alighting at any of these stations then you will be advised to proceed to the front of the train near the driver.


Buses - These may be used to shorten the walk or to get to a starting point from the station and this will be indicated on the programme.  If you have a universal bus pass then bring it at all times.


For further enquires regarding train travel please ring 03457 48 49 50 - National Rail Enquiries - 24 hours or via the website of www.nationalrail.co.uk


Plus Bus is available in some areas and please check www.plusbus.info/ - this has to be purchased at the time of buying your train ticket.


The current operator is Great Western Railway and their website is as follows -: www.gwr.com


Great Western Railway, always appreciate feedback, and this can be done by e-mail, telephone, fax, textphone or by writing to them.


They can be contacted by the following means -:


1) using the website address above


2) E-mail fgwfeedback@gwr.com (this can be general stuff such as lights not working, or information boards etc) - can be used anytime of day or night


3) Telephone 03457 000 125


4) Fax 08456 000 125


5) Text phone 018001 971 329


(for the above numbers they  are open from 0700 - 2200 daily)


6) Written address -

                                 Great Western Railway

                                  Customer Support





                                  PL4 6AB


If you are contacting Great Western Railway about a specfic journey they will require all the relevant details such as name, contact details (address, telephone number etc) the journey details (ticket type and number, which are both found on the ticket), where you are going from and to, with departure times and arrival times, and length of delay etc. 


If you are contacting them regarding a delayed journey it would be best to write (and it is FREEPOST - saving the cost of a stamp) and do not forget to enclose the ticket.  Customer comment forms and Passenger's Charter claim forms can be picked up at manned stations, but this is not esssential as long as all the details are enclosed, but they just provide a useful prompt.


If the company is not contacted regarding a specific issue then it did not happen, however trivial it may appear, and you could well be helping customers in the future.


Other train information providers  can be found on The Train Line http://www.thetrainline.com/


You may also with to look at Travel Line http://www.traveline.info/  or ring  0871 200 22 33


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