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Train at Sea Mills station on the Severn Beach Line - credit Andy Pearson

Wessex Wanderer Railway Walks were started about 20 - 25 years ago now, by Peter Gould of Bristol Group and Avon Area, when the Bristol to Weymouth line was under threat of closure and he was asked to prepare a programme that was run within the local Bristol Group programme and down towards the Weymouth end of the line.


As time has gone on the group has expanded to have walks up and down the line and walks are based on the UP and DOWN trains.  The UP train being the one that starts at Weymouth or the DOWN train which starts at Bristol Temple Meaads.  Quite often that is why there are two train arrival and departure times from stations where the walk is due to take place.


We now have a group of dedicated leaders, who are volunteer leaders and also must be members of the Ramblers Association (for insurance purposes) - who enjoy both leading (and many leaders do also lead for their own local group as well) and enjoy the aspects of train travel and also like to meet people from other Areas from up and down the line.  Many walks can be adapted for the local group, mainly just by altering the starting time to coincide with the train time and also to start from a station and this can make a walk look totally different.


Due to various changes we now have our own budget with an appointed Treasurer (who is Malcolm from the Wiltshire and Swindon Area of the Ramblers) ) and  Walks Coordinator (Joy Harrison, from the Avon Area of the Ramblers)  who is also appointed.  It is these two roles only that are appointed and along with the leaders and people that come on our walks that are the back bone of the organisation.  These two key roles are appointed at the end of season leaders meeting.


Our finances are held (and ring-fenced) within Wiltshire Area of the Ramblers, and this is done currently by Malcolm Walsh, and the accounts are also audited at the same time as the Areas accounts.  The Ramblers financial year is from 1st October to 30th September each year


We are responsible for our own publicity, programme production,  website, publicity and many other functions and again all done voluntarily. 


Whilst all leaders must be members of the Ramblers Association to be able to lead (for insurance purposes) we are NOT a group (either an affliated group or flexi-group) and therefore we are able to run informally BUT we do have the 2 appointed posts and have an annual meeting once a year, where all leaders (and co-leaders) are invited and we have an appointed Chair and Note taker for the purposes of the meeting only and these are checked prior to distribution, put on the website in PDF format and is under leaders section for reference purposes.  This meeting ensures that the walks are accountable and that the group is going in the right direction.


We are currently supported (both financially and otherwise) by the 4 areas of the Ramblers Asscociation that cover the line (ie Avon, Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire) and from the Heart of Wessex Rail Partnership and the Severnside Community Rail Partnership, and we are grateful to the current Train Operating Company, First Great Western.


The current positions are as follows -:


Walks Coordiantor               Joy H - Severnside Group - Avon Area


Treasurer                           currently vacant from 04 November 2016 - await confirmation from Avon Area


Chair (for 04/11/2016)          Peter G - Bristol Group - Avon Area


Note taker (for 04/11/2016)  - Barrie W - West Wilts and Wiltshire Aarea


Publicity           Dorset        Vacant

                       Avon            Vacant

                       Wiltshire       Vacant

                       Somerset       Vacant

Joy H - Severnside Group - Avon Area has undertaken some of the publcity roles


Web Master                          Ann L - Severnside Group - Avon Area


Programme production   -      Joy H - Severnside Group - Avon Area - 2017 onwards


Programme Distribution -      Joy H - Severnside  Group - Avon Area 2017 onwards


Meetings organiser               Joy H - Severnside Group - Avon Area

(end of season leaders meeting) for 2016 meeting onwards


Wessex Wanderer Winter Get Together - Ann L - Severnside Group - Avon Area (for January 2016 and January 2017)


Leaders                              20 - 30 leaders from the Avon, Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire areas, and these people as well as the walkers really do make the programme.  Most of these people lead for various local groups within the 4 areas mentioned and are listed under the Ramblers details.


Some of the roles above may be be interchanged and a brief description of the roles are on the next page.


If you can give assistance in any way in the helping of the above from leading, joining us for a walk, etc then all are welcome to join, please contact the walks leader via the contact button on the last page

Ramblers' Association, 2nd Floor, Camelford House, 87 -90 Embankment Road, LONDON SE1 7TW

Tel -: 020 7339 8500

E-mail: ramblers@ramblers.org.uk

Web: www.ramblers.org.uk


The Ramblers' Association is a company limited by guarentee, registered in England & Wales.  Company registration number 4458492.  Registered charity in England & Wales number 1093577.  Registered charity in Scotland number SC039799.  Registered office: 2nd Floor, Camelford House,

87 -90 Albert Embankment, LONDON SE1 7TW

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