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If  you have  anny queries about any of the walks, please either contact the leader direct or the  walks coordinator on 0117 933 4998


Should you require hard copy, then please call the walks coordinator on the number above

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If you have enjoyed walking with us, perhaps you would consider joining the Ramblers Association, along with current membership details and work of the Ramblers' and their details are as follows -:


Ramblers' Association main website -:  http://www.ramblers.org.uk/

Contact address -: 2nd Floor,  Camelford House,  97 -90 Albert Embankment, LONDON SE1 7TW

Tel -: 020 7339 8500


The leaders are all volunteers from the 4 areas covering the line and it is possible to find out about the different groups in the areas by using the links below -:


Avon Area Website -:   http://www.avon-ramblers.org.uk/

Avon currently has the following groups -:

  1. Bristol Group  - Local website  http://www.bristolramblers.org.uk/
  2. Brunel Walking Group (for people in their 20s and 30s) - Local website http://brunelwalking.org.uk/
  3. Brunel Plus (for people in the 40s and 50s) - Local website  http://brunelwalking.org.uk/fortyplus.php
  4. Bath Group - Local website http://www.bathra.org.uk/
  5. Kingswood Group - Local website http://www.kingswoodramblers.org.uk/
  6. Norton Radstock (also advertised in the Somerset Area website) - Local website  http://www.nortonradstockramblers.org.uk/
  7. Severnside Group - Local website  http://www.severnside-ramblers.org.uk/
  8. Southwold Group - Local website http://www.southwold-ramblers.co.uk/
  9. Clevedon Group - Local website http://www.clevedonramblers.org.uk/  (kept in Somerset - came to Avon Area 2016)


Somerset Area Website -: http://www.somersetramblers.co.uk/

Somerset currently has the following groups


Wiltshire Area Website -: http://www.wiltsswindonramblers.org.uk 

Wiltshire has the following groups

  1. Chippenham - Local website http://www.ramblers-wilts.org.uk/index.php/groups/chippenham-ramblers
  2. Mid-Wiltshire - Local website http://www.ramblers-wilts.org.uk/index.php/groups/mid-wiltshire
  3. North-east Wiltshire - Local website http://www.ramblers-wilts.org.uk/index.php/groups/ne-wiltshire
  4. South Wiltshire -  Local website http://www.ramblers-wilts.org.uk/index.php/groups/south-wiltshire-ramblers
  5. West Wiltshire - Local website http://www.ramblers-wilts.org.uk/index.php/groups/west-wiltshire


Dorset Area Website -: http://www.dorset-ramblers.org.uk/

The groups in the Dorset Area are as follows -:

There are areas all over the country based on County boundaries and each will typically have between 6 - 9 groups, based on geographical and population size).  Any member of the Ramblers can go out with any other Ramblers group and do not need to go out with their own group only.  Many people join the Ramblers and use the walks finder to find a local group when you go holiday for example.


You can use the main area website to look at the local group details or you can use the links direct and this may be useful to look at other groups walking programmes.  As a member of the Ramblers Asscoication you are a member of a local group, but of course you may go out with any group of the Ramblers Asscociation - so if you are on holiday in an area, see if there is a local group walk somewhere.


People are allocated a group by Postcode but you are able to specify a group that you wish to belong to - as some groups  are county wide such as Young Walkers groups.


The areas above are the Areas covered by the railway line and where our leaders come from.  All leaders are members of the Ramblers and will go out with their local group as well as with Wessex Wanderer Railway Walks.


Footpath problems -: This is applicable for general walkers or if you are doing a recce -

Have you encountered a problem while out walking?

Have you been on a walk in England or Wales recently and encountered an overgrown path, broken stile or been stopped from using access land?

You can help resolve these sorts of problems in two ways:

  • Report the problem to the local council -  it is the responsibility of the council to make sure that paths and access land are easy to use  OR
  • Complete the form on the Ramblers Assoicaiton website - and they will  then send the details on to a local Ramblers volunteer who will investigate further and may also report the problem to the correct council department where appropriate

If you do then please go to the Ramblers Association website -: http://www.ramblers.org.uk and follow the link at the bottom of the page (on the bottom right hand corner) and this will give links to the Local Councils if you are in doubt) or a link to the Ramblers.  It is important to report a problem for the future of the footpath and to help other walkers.  Please do not leave it to others or assume that someone else has done it or will do it!! 


This link will allow you to go direct to the Path problem page http://www.ramblers.org.uk/pathproblem and this information is vai the Walk Magazine - summer 2014  (page 20)




Credit Sylvia Popham

Ramblers' Association, 2nd Floor, Camelford House, 87 -90 Embankment Road, LONDON SE1 7TW

Tel -: 020 7339 8500

E-mail: ramblers@ramblers.org.uk

Web: www.ramblers.org.uk


The Ramblers' Association is a company limited by guarentee, registered in England & Wales.  Company registration number 4458492.  Registered charity in England & Wales number 1093577.  Registered charity in Scotland number SC039799.  Registered office: 2nd Floor, Camelford House,

87 -90 Albert Embankment, LONDON SE1 7TW

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