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If  you have  anny queries about any of the walks, please either contact the leader direct or the  walks coordinator on 0117 933 4998


Should you require hard copy, then please call the walks coordinator on the number above

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Guided Tours

Walks are open to all and bookings are not normally required for most of the Wessex Wanderer Railway Walks, so it is perfectly fine to turn up on the day.


In the last couple of years it has been decided to expand the variety of walks that take place each year, and these included a tour of Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol (Makers of Bristol on Saturday 18th May 2013 for a Wessex Wanderer Railway Walk at the start of the season) or a guided tour of the market town Frome (on Saturday 17th May 2014), which have been used for a previous Winter Get togethers (the last one in 2011).

Towards the end of the 2014 season on Saturday 4th October, a guided tour of Arnos Vale Cemetery took place and was entitled Modern Women from Victorian times to mid-20th Century.


For 2015, two guided tours have been arranged, Saturday 16th May 2015 at Bradford on Avon, and Wednesday 10th June 2015, both tours will last for approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours, and leaving the afternoons free to explore the area.


As we will be using experienced guides who know the area that we are going to, we like to know approximately how many people are going to turn up, so that we can organise the approriate number of guides.   These will normally have been booked intially several months in advance and their terms and conditions will confirm the closing dates mentioned on the programme.


There will not normally be a fee for the tour and this will have been dealt with by the Wessex Walks Coordinator.   Some of these events are available outside Wessex Railway Wanderer Walks, but may very well incur a charge to the individual and these tours are customed designed for our group.


The programme will indicate the closing date, but it is perfectly fine to ring up after this date, as normally extras can be accommodated.  Should you book and then change your mind later (ie not to come), please try to let the leader know in advance so that the leader is not waiting for you and the place allocated to someone else. 


The programme will indicate which leader you will need to contact with any queries.

Credit - Sylvia Popham

Winter Get Together

An Annual Winter Get Together is normally organised each winter (in either January or February each year) and is based on the stations in the middle of the line for equal  amount of travelling in the worst of the winter for daylight house and getting dark at night.


Thus the stations noramlly used are Castle Cary, Bruton, Frome or Westbury on a rotational basis where possible.


Invites are normally sent out before the season finishes,  by anyone who is willing and able to organise it.


The day follows the format of an optional short walk (of about 2 to 2 1/2 hours) which is  followed by a two course lunch (with options for the main course and dessert the same for everyone.)   Some pubs do not open until later in the morning but invites will forewarn you of this.


Orders and money are usually requested in advance with a closing date  (confirmed on the invite as orders have to placed in advance to the pub, along with a deposit paid to them by the organiser, and the organiser normally organising the final payment.)


Drinks and coffees are normally on an individual and cash basis by those attending the event on the day.


For most of these events the numbers are limited, so please book by the closing date as this makes the organisers job easier (it is not possible to keep on adding extras as this will involve extra calls and e-mails), and it is important to note that refunds after the closing date either in whole or part are not guarenteed in the event of cancellations

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